Planning Ahead: Things To Consider To Start 2020 With A Boom!

Planning Ahead: Things To Consider To Start 2020 With A Boom!

As another year draws to a close, restaurateurs asses their business performance and look with eager anticipation to a more fruitful 2020. To help you prepare for more productivity here are 6 trends to be ready for in the coming year: 

Veganism on the rise

Society is becoming increasingly health-conscious and people are looking for plant-based meals. This is a lifestyle choice that is not going away, thus restaurateurs have to consider adding vegan dishes to their menus. Not only will this attract vegan consumers but it will also make your restaurant more appealing to those who are looking for healthier alternatives in their meals.

Customer service

Training your staff on how you would like your customers to be treated is crucial. Research indicates that customer service is one of the top reasons that customers choose a restaurant to dine in. With the increased usage of video on social media, it is not unusual to see videos of customer and restaurant staff altercations, which usually end up damaging the restaurant brand. Ensure your staff is trained to handle irate customers and know how to diffuse potentially explosive situations. This will make for more positive brand experiences.

Eco awareness

In addition to becoming health-conscious, society also has a growing concern for the environment. Consumers are continuing to question the use of material that could harm the environment while restaurants which focus on sustainability are being praised. Show your support for the environment by using suppliers that focus on organically sourced produce. You could also review the amount of paper and plastic that you use and find eco-friendly alternatives. Once you have done this, let your customers know, through your various communication channels such as your website and social media pages.

Support local business

Support of local produce is also on the rise. Consumers want to dine at restaurants that source their ingredients from local farmers and other producers. If you do support local businesses, ensure your consumers know, by sharing stories about your local suppliers on your social media channels. You could also use your menu to let your customers know where you get your ingredients.



Chatbots are gaining in popularity, and according to one study, by 2020 25% of customer service operations will use virtual customer assistants. For restaurants, this means a quicker and more convenient way to serve customers. Chatbots are a great way for restaurants to engage with customers, find out their needs and learn more about what appeals to them. In addition, it allows the restaurant to give customers exactly what they ordered.


Marketing with Influencers

Research shows that people are more likely to make decisions based on the option of someone they know. This is why working with influencers can help bring more customers to your restaurant. You don’t have to work with celebrities or influencers with many followers. In fact, working with micro-influencers, those who have followers starting from around 2000 people, can be more effective. When choosing a micro influencer, look for someone whose followers look to for guidance, as it means they have the power to get people to try your services.

Malebogo Tshosa

Brand and communication expert,
Copywriter for Napkin

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