Help Your Customers Stick To New Year’s Resolutions With These Menu Tweaks

Help Your Customers Stick To New Year’s Resolutions With These Menu Tweaks

The beginning of the year is often filled with resolutions and heightened health consciousness among consumers. Many view January as a time to recharge, detox, and lessen their alcohol consumption. This may not be good news for restaurants as alcohol is a major contributor to profits. In order to counter the slump that a dry January can bring to your restaurant, follow these suggestions.

Get creative with your cocktails

Rethink classic cocktails by adding non-alcoholic versions of them to your menu. You could also challenge your staff to come up with your own signature mocktail.

People who are off alcohol may try to avoid the pressure of drinking by not going to restaurants. Let them know you support their resolution to stay off alcohol and inform them that you have alternatives drinks for them. After revamping your menu, advertise the change by posting an update to your various digital media channels. Take enticing videos and pictures of your cocktails then share them online.

Go green

In addition to going off alcohol, many people choose to stay away from meat and other animal products for the month of January. This is known as Veganuary. In order to cater to these customers, your restaurant has to establish a vegan menu. Your vegan menu should not just consist of meatless variations of your favourite dishes. Your chefs should come up with dishes specifically meant to be vegan. Once your vegan dishes are part of your menu, share the new menu on your social media pages.

Create foot traffic

In order to get more people coming in, consider hosting an event. The event you choose should reflect your customers’ preferences. Events could be anything from karaoke nights, trivia games to having a local band playing for the evening. Hosting the event weekly, on the same night can help consumers to get accustomed to having something to look forward to on that night.

Live streaming your event will pique people’s curiosity and will create an opportunity for you to interact with your customers. This may serve to encourage those who did not attend the event to consider planning to attend the next one.

Engage Influencers

Partner with influencers and food bloggers to share your vegan and cocktail menu. Look for influencers who are on a dry January or have decided to go meatless for the month. Having them share their personal stories of the cocktails and vegan dishes that they enjoyed at your restaurant may help other people know that your restaurant is the go-to place for those looking for healthier alternatives to their meals.

A dry January doesn’t have to mean less business for your restaurant. Implementing the above suggestions show customers that you are aware of their needs and are willing to make adjustments to keep them happy. This may help to keep customers coming in throughout the month.

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