Online Marketing Tools for Tech Savvy Restaurateurs

Online Marketing Tools for Tech Savvy Restaurateurs

Everyday, especially since ‘Rona started, more and more people are joining the social media world which means… that you have plenty more users to attract to your business.

You can (and you should) do that online with the support of:
appealing photography
– conveying the right post at the right time
sending emails to your segmented database
– create promotional visuals for your new menu

And so on.

But what social media tools are out there to help restaurants make this happen?

For those of you just getting your feet wet with social media, the industry can seem overtly noisy with sites to join and tools to use. You know you need to be on Facebook and Instagram, you should be on Twitter, and that a presence on YouTube and Pinterest is just icing on the cake.

But do you know about Buffer? Canva? MailChimp?

If these names are not ringing any bell, don’t worry. We’ve compiled a list of leading social media tools that restaurants can benefit from using, what kind of perks and insight they offer, and what the cost – if any – will be to you.

Buffer – Social Publishing

buffer for restaurants

Buffer’s website claims that they are “the best way to drive traffic, increase fan engagement, and save time on social media.” Perfect for the small restaurant starting out on social or the restaurant giant with thousands fans & followers, Buffer is a helpful tool for publishing to most social media channels. It also lets you upload and schedule video through their platform, which isn’t too common. You can choose between the Publish tool, the Analyze tool, or both for a complete social media scheduling + reporting set up.

Price: Publish comes at $15, $65 or $99 per month. Analyse comes at $35 or $50 per month.

Pro tip: Stay tuned to their site as they could offer a Publish + Analyze combo package for a competitive price.

Canva – Photo Editing


Need to resize a photo? Want to add some shading or text overlay to the best food pic you’ve ever taken? Canva’s your tool. Canva lets you choose your own image dimensions so you can make one picture the optimal size for each social media site (440 x 220 for Twitter, 1080 x 1080 for Instagram, and 1200 x 630 for Facebook…in case you were wondering). Canva’s great if you’re not a professional photo editor and want to play around with the idea of sprucing up your restaurant photos. Accounts can easily be made through your Facebook account.

Price: Free for basic, $12.95/mo for Pro and $30/mo for Enterprise, when paid annualy.

BuzzSumo – Content Research and Monitoring


BuzzSumo allows you to easily keep track of your competitors and their content performance. For instance, you can see how their content performs when it comes to social sharing, what is shared the most what formats works the best for your competitors, and who are boosting their content online.

What are people talking about? Searching across multiple social sites, Buzzsumo gathers information on what topics are gaining the most attention. It analyses where certain topics are being discussed and how much attention these topics are getting. A must for competition analysis and to stay ahead of the next trends.

Price: Free for basic functionalities, otherwise it goes up to $99/mo, $179/mo, $299/mo and $499+/mo for enterprises.

Ninjalitics – Instagram Analytics


Ninjalitics is an Instagram monitoring tool that does what you always dreamed of: it reports the engagement rate of a profile, the growth in users in the last month, the best post so far, the most used hashtag, it reveals the presence of a follow-unfollow activity, and much more.
Basically anything you need to know if, for example, you’re working with some local influencers. You want to do your homework and make sure that this collaboration is founded on solid basis.

Price: Free for basic stats or $7/mo.

MailChilp – Email Marketing Service


Mailchimp is an all-in-one marketing platform that helps you manage and talk to your clients, customers, and other interested parties. Our approach to marketing focuses on healthy contact management practices, beautifully designed campaigns, and powerful data analysis. We’re here to help you become an expert marketer.

Its landing pages can help you grow your audience and promote products and services. Published landing pages are easy to share on the web or in other Mailchimp campaigns, so you can start to drive traffic immediately. And if your page has a signup form, you can tag anyone who subscribes. Super!

Price: Free for basic, $9.99/mo, $14.99/mo and $299/mo for premium.

These are only five of a long (and growing) list that a maketeer will need to better promote their business in an easier way.
So, which of these five tools is the most essential for your business? We use them daily, so comment below and ask us anything!

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