How Implementing Online Ordering Can Improve Your Sales

How Implementing Online Ordering Can Improve Your Sales

The rising popularity of digital ordering has led to many restaurants adjusting their operations to accommodate customers who wish to have the option of ordering online. In order for your restaurant to provide a better customer experience consider adding a digital ordering solution.

Think about the customer experience

When planning your digital ordering solution bear in mind that customers are looking for convenience and a product that is easy to use. Your website has to be functional and easy to navigate. Customers should not spend time trying to find your menu or online ordering links. If it is difficult for them to find what they are looking for they may exit your site and order elsewhere. Your menu links and order buttons should be displayed prominently. Ideally at the top of your page.

Since most people access the web using their mobile phones your website has to be responsive. This means it has to correctly display across different platforms and devices. 

Create an easy-to-use menu

Once you have decided to go online with your menu ensure it provides customers with all the information they may need before placing an order. Remember, they will not have your wait staff there to explain each meal and assist with ordering. If your restaurant has vegan dishes or meals for those with certain intolerances state that in your menu. Have sections where customers with those preferences can feel free to order from. This will make for better customer experience.

Ordering by phone

Have a text menu customers can click on instead of a PDF version. A text version can allow customers to easily search and find meals suitable for them at the click of a button.

A PDF may take time to download. Plus customers may lose interest scrolling through the menu looking for what to order.

Be picture perfect

Invest the time in producing good quality images as they can sell your meals better than any text-based description. Images give customers a chance to imagine what the dish tastes like. People tend to order meals that have images to accompany the written descriptions. 

Using stock photos is a no-no for your restaurant.  They won’t show a true reflection of what you have to offer. A professional photographer, on the other hand, will advise you on the right lighting and angles to shoot from. Thus providing the perfect images of your food.

Sometimes your customers may take brilliant photos of your food. Ask them for permission to use their pictures and give them credit. In addition to being the right thing to do, crediting and mentioning your customers in your social media posts you will gain visibility among their network. This is great for your brand.

Stay social

Before people choose where to dine, they usually consult their friends or review sites. Your restaurant needs to have great reviews on sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor in order to draw new customers in. This is achieved by providing good customer service consistently.

Make sure to proactively remind customers to provide reviews for you. When they do, make sure you respond promptly.

Get customers involved

Also, stay active on your social media channels and publicise your online ordering solution as soon as it launches. In addition, incentivise customers to use digital ordering by running a promotion or contest with prizes for the first few customers to order online.

Digital ordering has proved to be more than just a passing fad. With more customers requiring the convenience of ordering from wherever they are, restaurants have to provide solutions that work for their clients. By adding digital ordering to your restaurant offering you will provide an experience that keeps customers coming back.

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