Taninu Bistro – A High-Quality Dining Experience

Taninu Bistro – A High-Quality Dining Experience

Taninu Bistro is a unique spot and different than any other restaurant in Marsaskala, that can turn a normal night out into a cosmopolitan culinary experience. 
The place has an urban vibe but it is cosy and clean. You can be sure that, from the moment you enter until you pay, you will feel welcome and special.

Cheat Sheet:

Ambience: Cosmopolitan vibes, perfect for a couple’s night out
Waiting time: min. 15 minutes
Price for Quality: 10/10
Price for Quantity: 10/10
Restrooms: 8/10
Cuisine: Italian, Seafood, Mediterranean
Amenities: aircon, bar, veranda area
Payment options: credit card, cash

Our experience at Taninu

The atmosphere and the interiors create a vibe makes you feel like you are in a Bistro in London, and that really makes it stand out compared to most of the places in the area. It has definitely an energy that gives you cosmopolitan vibes, almost as you are suddenly transported to one of the central European capitals: fast waiters, organic interiors, high-quality food and savoir-faire.

Well-designed interiors lead to a dining experience

This place could easily be the set of a New York movie or a flashy Netflix series with its perfectly matching upscale interiors. The first thing you can notice when entered is the long bar that looks very modern and invites you to sit down and have a casual drink or wait for your table and still feel comfortable doing so. The tables and seats create an atmosphere of a diner with style. This design is perfect to enjoy a night out with a bit of glamour and still feel at ease. A big influence on your magical dining experience is brought to you by the Taninu’s staff.

As soon as you step into the restaurant, you are welcomed by William, the restaurant manager, a pleasant guy that will escort you to a table, guide you through the wine lists, the menu and, if you let him suggest, he would even recommend your meal for the night!

He provides a caring way towards the clients that is hardly seen anywhere in Malta.

We also admired that you can actually see inside the kitchen, which gives you great insight on the preparation of your dish. This allows you to witness the chefs’ professionalism and their dedication on the spot.

Excellent service meets great quality

Although the staff and the interiors are a major key in the success of this place, the main attraction is the food at Taninu. The restaurant provides its guests with a vast palette of flavours and unique dishes, designed by detail-oriented and well-trained chefs.

Be it fish or meat, the ingredients used are fresh and mostly local. The chefs get creative with them and turn them into mouthwatering daily specials.

We definitely are in front of a perfect combination of hospitality professionalism and high-quality food and thanks to that, every visit is turned into a memorable experience.

The attentive waiters will provide you with drinks in a very short time. Although the drinks are served quickly the well-crafted dishes might take their time.

But the wait is worth it.

Besides that, the prices at the restaurant match the quality you receive. The portions are very satisfactory and there is also a chance you might even feel too full up to complete your meal!

Wild Boar Ravioli – Taninu Bistro

In general, the staff creates a great experience, and the food is just divine. Taninu Bistro is really a special place in Malta, and we can recommend it for a pleasant dining experience. It is perfect for a romantic dinner, an anniversary or just for a special night out!

Where to find it:

Triq Is-Salini, Marsaskala


7979 1213
7979 2223

Opening hours:

Tuesday – Friday: 6pm- 11pm

Sunday: 12pm-3.30pm, 6pm-11pm

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