Paceville 20: the perfect combo of branding and functionality

Paceville 20: the perfect combo of branding and functionality

Often the first point of contact between a restaurant and customers, a website should portray the restaurant’s style and ambience, enticing people to make a booking or place an order. Napkin recently gave Paceville 20’s website an overhaul, bringing in increased functionality and an aesthetic that captures the restaurant’s brand more effectively.

Pitfalls of DIY website design

Before Napkin revamped the website, Paceville 20 had chosen a “do it yourself” approach, resulting in a site that did not accurately reflect their brand. The website had a navigation menu which was almost lost in the background. The font used for the menu and the restaurant’s name did not stand out enough or tie in with the restaurant’s style. This made for a cluttered looking home page.

When designing a website, it is good practice to make information available for visitors to find in as quick a manner as possible, otherwise, they would go to another site. However, the previous Paceville 20 site had 5 pages, which did not make it quick for customers to navigate around.

A common danger in doing a website yourself is that there is a lot of room for errors, which you may not notice since you are engrossed in putting the whole thing together. Engaging professionals, such as Napkin, provides you with a team that is able to build a website that gets tested a number of times, to correct any errors, before it goes live.

Responsive and on-brand website

Capturing the elegance of Paceville 20, the new website designed by Napkin has a minimalistic style, free of clutter and unnecessary details. The new, one-page website is compact enough to give a glimpse into what one can expect from the restaurant while conveying all the information that one needs, before making a dining decision.

The new menu is responsive, easy to navigate and clear. It presents the different offerings that the restaurant has in an easy to understand manner.

Instructions on how to make a reservation, as well as the opening times and address, are easy to find.

In addition to the address, the website also has a map that shows how to get to the restaurant. The map also shows places of interest around the restaurant, which is handy for visitors to the area.

As seen in the case of Paceville 20, it pays to consult professionals when designing and developing a website. Napkin can provide a responsive, clean and simple website, reflecting your brand’s style while providing the functionality that your restaurant needs.

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