Chatbots: How They Can Help You In Sales & Customer Service

Chatbots: How They Can Help You In Sales & Customer Service

In an effort to improve service delivery, restaurateurs are turning to chatbots to engage and connect with their clients. This is a growing trend as it is estimated that by 2020, 80% of businesses will have integrated chatbots into their digital channels. Additionally, users are also getting accustomed to interacting with chatbots with 40% of millennials using chatbots to communicate with brands on a daily basis. This calls on restaurant brands to strategise on how they could include chatbots in their communication channels.

Earning more per customer

Depending on the functionality you choose, your chatbot can use your email list to send your existing customers any new additions to your menu or specials that you may have. In this way, constant communication is built between your customers and your brand. If you place the chatbot on your social media pages, it can help potential customers find out more about what you have to offer, and hopefully place orders.

Engaging with customers

For a small business, it may not always be practical to have staff online all the time to answer questions about the business. A chatbot allows interaction and engagement at any time convenient to the customer. They can place their orders and let the chatbot know their preferences, while at the same time having an opportunity to learn more about the restaurant.

An area in which the chatbot would have an upper hand to your staff is that it can be programmed to know all the items on your menu. In this way, it could ask customers questions that can lead it to make suggestions suited to the particular customer. 

The chatbot would also have a database of all the ingredients in each dish, making it easy for customers to make informed choices about their meals. In addition, this will help put those with certain allergies or dietary requirements at ease that your restaurant understands their needs.

Placing orders

As an increasing number of people choose to dine at home, a chatbot can provide a hassle-free way for them to place their orders. Placing orders in this manner helps to minimise errors, as the chatbot will be more accurate than human wait staff. As customers place their orders repeatedly with the chatbot, it will learn their preferences. This is crucial for targeted marketing, as you will be able to send the right communication about specials to the right customers; those who are most likely to be interested in that particular promotion.

Getting feedback

Positive feedback on review sites is essential for the growth of restaurants. As a restaurateur, getting customers to leave feedback may be a cumbersome task. A chatbot can be programmed to ask for feedback from customers at various stages of their customer journey. 

The good news for small businesses with budgetary concerns is that you can have the chatbot developed with minimal functionality and keep adding more functions as your restaurant grows. As the chatbot is deployed onto your various media channels, your restaurant’s internal processes will run smoother and you will improve your service delivery.

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