How To Use Your Restaurant WiFi For Free Advertising

How To Use Your Restaurant WiFi For Free Advertising

Whether you like it or not, some customers will choose your eatery because you have a stronger Wi-Fi connection than the other one down the road.

It’s 2018 and, as shallow as it may sound, we are more concerned about sharing our location and our activities online, than your wine’s list.

Keep that in mind, dear Restaurant Owner, because this insight might turn the tables at your restaurant…

Facebook didn’t fall short on recognizing and giving value to this new and modern behaviour.
Facebook Wi-Fi is indeed, one of the best things you can add to your Facebook Page especially if you don’t have too much time to promote your latest dishes and new wines’ menu.

If you have an existing router, Facebook will help you turn that into a Wi-Fi hotspot, letting your clients being able to see an available connection.

As soon as they open their browsers, they will be immediately directed to your Facebook page and, once they will click on the “like” button, they will be given access to your connection, finally free to navigate on the web!

The various settings will allow you to decide how many “free hours” they will have before the connection will be turned off and also set the requirement to “check-in” and, therefore, tag your Facebook Page.

When you have a short time promoting your business this is an easy way to let your customers to the job.

PS: Last but not least, make sure to have a router that supports Facebook Wi-Fi. All details are listed on the FAQ of Facebook Wi-Fi.

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