5 Content Rules To Master Your Restaurant’s Social Media

5 Content Rules To Master Your Restaurant’s Social Media

There are a number of reasons why you should prioritise content marketing for your restaurant. The most important reason being that people usually look up a restaurant online before deciding to dine there. Therefore, you should make sure the content you put out is an accurate reflection of your business and helps customers connect with your brand. Here are some content suggestions for your restaurant.


Before you post any content online, make a plan based on what your customers would love to see. Included in your plan should be how you will measure your success. This will depend on your goals in posting the content. If your aim is to create brand awareness, then one of the things you should be concerned about is the engagement with your content. Monitor what type of content gets people talking or sharing, and create more of that kind.

Profile your staff

Content marketing gives you an opportunity to share your brand story with current and potential customers. A key element in your brand story is your staff. They bring life to your brand, hence it might interest your customers to give them a look into what your team does on a typical day.

Profile the staff at your restaurant.

This is especially true of your chef or bartenders. People usually want to learn about the people behind the meals they enjoy, so create short employee profiles or videos to share online.

Share tips

In addition to profiling your staff, you could have the chef sharing regular tips or recipes. This does not mean giving away restaurant secrets, but rather sharing their expertise on meals that could be made at home. They could also talk about the different ingredients you use in your dishes or how to select the freshest produce.

Engage other businesses

Depending on what your restaurant brand believes in, you could also profile suppliers that support your brand goals. If, for instance, you believe in supporting local farmers, you could share content of your staff getting produce from the farm or interviews with the farmer. Sharing this content on social media will also give your restaurant exposure to your suppliers’ networks and they may become your customers.

Engage with other businesses 

Other businesses to include in your content plan would be those that offer services that speak to your brand goals. For instance, if your brand promotes healthy eating, you might sponsor a local fitness event. Not only can this aid in your restaurant becoming synonymous with a healthy lifestyle, it could also be a great avenue for growing your network and, in the long run, gaining more customers.

Share customer testimonials

When people search for places to dine, they rely on the opinions of other people to guide them. In light of this, sharing customer testimonials about your restaurant can go a long way into acquiring new business. Interview satisfied customers on video or you could share photos of them with interesting captions.

Digital media is a vital part of our lives and content marketing, when done correctly, can help you grow the reach of your restaurant. In addition it can make your brand relatable and thus help you gain more customers.
If you require some assistance with content for your restaurant, we can help. Drop us a line and we’ll walk you through some of the best content ideas tailored for your restaurant. Once the content is created we can also give you a hand in managing all the social channels the content will appear on (our Free Social Media Planner can be of help here).
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