SushiBa – A Japanese gem in St Julian’s

SushiBa – A Japanese gem in St Julian’s

Tucked away on St. Augustin Street lies the tranquil sushi restaurant aptly named SushiBa. A striking contrast to the bustling nightlife a few meters away, the restaurant offers a hideaway to those looking to enjoy an intimate evening.

As you bid farewell to the nightlife and move uphill, you can’t help but notice the serenity that greets you at the door. The few tables, both outside and inside the restaurant, ensure an atmosphere of cosiness and intimacy is maintained throughout.

Cheat Sheet:

Ambience: Intimate and romantic
Waiting time: min. 10 minutes
Price for Quality: 10/10
Price for Quantity: 9/10
Restrooms: 6/10
Cuisine: Japanese fusion
Details: WiFi, aircon, outside seating
Payment options: cash, credit card (no cashlink)

Creativity and passion

Husband and wife duo, Nick and Donna Camilleri, jointly own the restaurant and pull out all the stops to ensure that visiting SushiBa is more than just dining, but is a memorable culinary experience. Chef Donna cooks her dishes right in front of the guests, and this adds to the allure and intrigue of the restaurant.

What sets SushiBa apart from other sushi bars, is the creativity they have shown with their menu. They offer a wider range of dishes than other sushi restaurants, the main attraction being cooked rabbit, a national delicacy in Malta. The menu really shows they have the diverse lifestyles of their customers in mind as they are willing to customise orders and cater for vegetarians as well.

Having a keen eye on aesthetics, Donna approaches her presentations with the flair only a top chef can possess. With a warm smile as she serves your meal, her dishes look fresh, stunning, and precise.

The taste of the sushi bears testimony to the fact that the restaurant is truly a cut above the rest. The food melts in your mouth, and in just one bite there is an explosion of flavour which is absolutely refreshing. You get the full flavour of the dish, while still being able to taste each ingredient that has been infused into it.

Great Hosting

With Nick and Donna as the only staff members, the restaurant can’t help but have a warm, intimate atmosphere. This element of warmth is further compounded by the couple’s charisma and willingness to engage with the guests.

AnchorAs you dine, soft Asian music adds to the soothing, relaxed atmosphere.

Compared with other sushi bars in the area, SushiBa is a bit more expensive. However, the ambience, diverse menu and delectable taste of the meals makes it worthwhile to pay a little extra.

Being a small restaurant, the restrooms are quite compact.

The couples hosting prowess coupled with the unique culinary experience, have made SushiBa renowned in the island of Malta. It is little wonder then, that SushiBa continues to receive rave reviews on TripAdvisor and keeps on climbing the ladder of the best sushi places in St Julians.

Where to find it:

St. Augustin Street, St. Julians


+356 7962 9629
+356 2713 3000

Opening hours:

Open every day: 
12:00 – 14:00 (except Wed and Sun)
19:00 – 22.30 

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