Bianco’s Digital Presence: Refreshed & Aligned

Bianco’s Digital Presence: Refreshed & Aligned

Bianco’s is such a staple restaurant in St Julians and earlier this year they decided to freshen up the look a bit!
Whilst they took care of the interiors, transforming the huge venue in Spinola Bay to a brighter and relaxing place, we handled the management of the online branding.

With a story of more than 12 years, it’s a must to keep your core values solid but adapting to the new trends and society’s liking.
We observed the way Bianco’s works and why it is so successful: the staff is so friendly and helpful, the interiors give a feeling of calm yet dynamism at the same time. The food is absolutely to die for.

Managing the social media accounts is a daily time-consuming job but we make it interesting by researching what the market is looking for and proposing weekly or monthly campaigns to better increase the reach, the engagement and the following.


What’s better than a website that exactly reflects your daily job?
With the help of our food photographer, we took the material needed and then we created the perfect customer journey for the website.

We wanted the users to get to know Bianco’s beyond their evening service and increase the awareness of their lunchtime offer.
The website had to look clean, bright, helpful and not overcrowded.

biancos website


Facebook is here to stay surely but what about Instagram? In the last 2 years, this social media platform has been taking over the whole Island and, to be honest, this channel is way better for restaurants to display their items.

We took over the social media channel, increasing the following and engaging with the current customers and followers.
Bianco’s brand is friendly, casual and informative – we needed to give a twist to the theme feed and up the game in the Instagram stories!

Instagram biancos


Being the major search engine on Earth, you would expect Google to create more opportunities to get data from its users, right?

Luckily, Google has been adding more features to the My Business app, making it easier for restaurants to attract new visitors and retain the current ones.
With the mobile apps, you can also message the visitors making it a great sales channel!

Besides the acquisition, retaining customers was the real scope of the My Business: it’s easier for customers to write their own reviews on Google and it’s a Must for every business to stay on top of it.

biancos google my business

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