Dining Trends For 2020: How Many Will You Do?

Dining Trends For 2020: How Many Will You Do?

Global hospitality company, Benchmark, has released its list of the Top Dining Trends for 2020. Below lists the top ten trends we can expect to find in 2020. How many of these will you introduce at your restaurant this year?

1 Cannabidiol 

Cannabidiol (CBD) use is on the rise. Infused into drinks, desserts and main dishes, chefs have found ingenious ways of integrating this newly popularised ingredient into the dining experience. CBD is derived from hemp and is non-psychoactive.

2 Plant-based Alternatives

With many people looking to consume less meat in their diets, the hospitality industry is trying to find more vegetable alternatives. Restaurants are working on finding the right flavours which can give a meatier taste to plant based dishes. If you’ve not thought about introducing meat alternative options to your menu then this is the year to do it.

3 Snacks

Chips have received a bad reputation over the years, however, now vegetable and fruit based chips are bringing a fresh alternative to how they are perceived. Alternatives to potato chips can be chips made from dried beetroots, chickpeas and kale. These ingredients can help remove the guilt from snacking.

2020 dining trends - kale chips

4 Jackfruit 

Jackfruit is steadily growing in popularity as a meat alternative. The fruit is loved by vegans for its texture which is similar to shredded pork. In addition it is a great source of fibre and antioxidants.

5 Fruit

There is a growing interest in less common fruit such as prickly pear and dragon fruit. Mixologists are finding ways of weaving these flavours into recipes. In addition, fruits such as bergamot orange, citron and Meyer lemon, are also gaining the attention of consumers.

2020 dining trend - fruit

6 Dairy 

For the lactose intolerant or those who choose not to take milk, there is a new alternative; oat milk. Rising in popularity, restaurateurs are looking at how else they could use oat milk as a way of reducing the damage to the environment that rearing cattle brings and relieving some of the pressures the almond milk industry is created because of its high demand.

7 Sparkling Drinks

Even though consumers want less sugar in their diets, they still crave the carbonated feeling. This trend will continue to grow and restaurants will be offering sparkling alternatives to their drinks.

8 Bright & Bold

Bright colours in dishes and decor are seen as appealing by consumers. With the rise of social sharing, people want bright and colourful dishes that can be photographed and shared on social media platforms such as Instagram. 

2020 dining trends - bright and bold

9 Traceability

The rise in issues regarding climate change has prompted consumers to be conscious of their own contribution to global warming. Consumers are increasingly demanding restaurants (and other businesses) to use sustainable products and processes. They will continue to put pressure on restaurants to eliminate the use of items such as plastic.

10 Ugly Produce

Naturally grown fruits and vegetables aren’t always harvested looking perfect. Some consumers even tend to throw away the imperfect looking produce. A growing trend is that people are being encouraged to eat fresh produce despite what it may look like as their appearance has no effect on the taste.

If you already have a few, or all, of these trends under your belt, then ‘Yay you!” You’re ahead of the curve. However, if you’ve not any of the above ticked then set yourself a challenge to introduce at least three from the list.

Malebogo Tshosa

Brand and communication expert
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