The 3 Steps That Will Boost Your Restaurant’s Social Media Presence

The 3 Steps That Will Boost Your Restaurant’s Social Media Presence

Having great service at your restaurant is no longer enough to get customers coming in. You need to put a marketing plan in place, that includes social media. For businesses such as restaurants, social sharing is an important factor as most people are more inclined to dine at places that have been given great reviews by people that they know. In order to get your social media efforts right, follow these 3 steps:

Invest in photography and videography

Once your chefs produce amazing dishes, ensure the presentation is also as appetising as the meal itself. This will help you to produce mouthwatering photos that help sell your restaurant.

When taking photographs, lighting is very crucial, the right light can make the most basic meals pop, while poor lighting won’t showcase even your best dishes well. You may have to engage a professional photographer to make sure you get the right shots of both your food and restaurant decor. Taking pictures of your decor will help people to see the kind of atmosphere to expect and allow them to picture themselves in the restaurant.

take photos of your food

You should also encourage customers to take pictures of their meals and share them on their social media pages. Customers usually take pictures of meals that are unique, so challenge your chefs and bartenders to come up with unconventional ways of presenting your food and drinks.

Create dialogue

One of the most wonderful aspects about being on social media is the ability to create a dialogue with your customers. This helps your brand to be visible and allows people to find out more about your restaurant. Keeping the lines of communication open involves you being proactive and giving customers something to talk about. There are ample opportunities for your restaurant to keep audiences engaged such as:

  • Running contests: This could be anything from asking customers to name a signature meal or inviting them to post pictures of themselves at your restaurant. Having a prize attached to the contest will serve as motivation for them to engage with your content.
  • Asking questions or conducting polls: Most social media platforms allow users to conduct fun polls. These are a great way to get customers talking. In addition, they can be as fun as your restaurant and you can tailor-make the questions to suit your audience.
create dialogue

Manage your reviews

In addition to having your restaurant on social media sites, you should be registered on review sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor. In order to win great reviews, you should provide stellar service consistently. However, even the best restaurants sometimes get negative reviews. When you do get a customer complaint, acknowledge that you have read the review and are willing to rectify the situation. It helps to contact the customer, off social media, and try to understand what happened from their point of view. Your aim should be to listen to understand and assure the customer you will remedy the situation. Even if your restaurant did not do anything wrong, you should offer an apology for the customer having a bad experience, and work out a solution that results in a win-win scenario.

As you grow your restaurant, your social media presence should increase too. Following the above suggestions will help you to create quality content and keep your customers happy and engaged, resulting in more brand awareness and loyalty.

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