Online Ordering: the 2019 must have

Online Ordering: the 2019 must have

Cast your mind back to a decade ago and most of the food deliveries were from pizza restaurants.
Fast forward to today and mobile technology has ushered in convenience, allowing all types of restaurants to offer online ordering and delivery services. Takeout and delivery sales are on the rise and are expected to amount to $365 billion 10 years from now.

Customers enjoy the freedom of having to decide between dining at a restaurant or ordering and dining in the comfort of their homes or wherever they may choose. In fact, 60% of restaurant customers order online at least once a week. For restaurateurs, this is a clear indication that takeaways and having an option to deliver the food, should not be ignored.

In order to have an effective strategy for online and mobile ordering, here are some statistics worth noting:

The growth of ordering through digital channels has surpassed dining in by 300% over the past five years. 60% of restaurants that have added delivery to their services have experienced an increase in sales.

When it comes to millennial customers, more than half of them prefer to have takeout as opposed to dining at restaurants. Most prefer to eat at home where they can enjoy their meal while watching TV.

Home seems to be the preferred setting for families with 63% of consumers preferring to dine at home when with family, instead of at a restaurant.

Restaurants have the option of using their own digital platforms and transport for ordering and delivery or using third-party services. 87% of consumers surveyed find third party services to be convenient

Some restaurateurs have indicated that using a third-party delivery service has boosted their sales by 20%.

Even though third party delivery services offer speed and convenience, 70% of consumers prefer to deal with the restaurant directly as this ensures their money goes to the restaurant.

Fast delivery is important to consumers, about a third of those surveyed would pay extra to get their deliveries faster.

Shrewd restaurateurs know that they should adapt their business to suit the needs and behaviour of the consumer. Statistics show that customers want to have options when dining. They want to be able to access their favourite restaurants online and be able to have their food delivered to wherever they are. Whether they choose to use third-party services or not, it is up to restaurant owners to provide takeout and delivery solutions that will encourage customer loyalty and increase sales.

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