How Visuals Could Make or Break Your Restaurant Brand

How Visuals Could Make or Break Your Restaurant Brand

If your restaurant has an online presence, you are most likely using images as part of your posts. There’s no question about it, images captivate your audience more than text. Posts with images are likely to get more engagement than text-only posts. However, the wrong image can hurt your restaurant.

One study shows that 80% of marketers use images online. Here is what you can do to ensure you’re the visuals you use work for your brand:

Be original

The images you use should showcase your restaurant and tell the story behind your brand. Stock images have no place in a restaurant’s marketing. Customers want to see what you have on offer. They also want to get a sense of the space where they will be dining, if they should visit your restaurant. Post pictures of the items on your menu, any special events you have as well as your staff.

If there are any specialties you offer, post pictures of those. You could even post pictures of the ingredients you use or share stories of how you source your vegetables, taking pictures of the farmers market where you buy. Make the pictures as unique to your restaurant as possible, to differentiate your restaurant from others serving the same type of food.
Give it a go and follow this Ultimate Food Photography guide.

Focus on Quality

Use high-quality images. Not only do they show your food clearly, but they also portray your restaurant as a professional establishment. Although you can take pictures with your phone or camera, it is advisable to enlist the services of a professional photographer who can help you with ideas on photo composition and the right angles to bring out the best in your restaurant.

Invest in Lighting

The lighting you use helps to set the tone of your restaurant. It can also help or hinder the pictures you take. Using poor lighting can make your pictures look grainy, and this does not exude professionalism. Invest in good lighting that brightens up your pictures.

Remember that you also need user-generated content (UGC).  UGC is any media that is created and shared by your customers after their experience with your restaurant. A lot of customers love taking photos of their food and sharing them on social media, hence the lighting should allow them to take photos that can attract the people in their network to your restaurant.

Without a doubt, images play a vital role in attracting customers to your restaurant. Using the right images and allowing customers to create their own high-quality pictures will have a positive impact on your marketing efforts.

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